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Macquarie global research: making an impact

Macquarie global research: making an impact

Macquarie Research is a top 10 global research platform with 250 analysts and 20 offices around the world. Peter Redhead, Global Head of Research, Macquarie Securities Group, explains what makes Macquarie’s research stand out.

Expertise that transcends markets

Macquarie Global Research is at the forefront of markets and sectors around the world. We cover a full range of countries and sectors, with deep expertise and timely insights into the issues and trends that drive companies, industries and markets.

Comprehensive coverage. Deep insights.

  • Commodities
  • Consumer
  • Demographics
  • Economy
  • Emerging leaders
  • Energy
  • Environment, social and governance
  • Financial institutions
  • Gaming
  • Industrials
  • Infrastructure
  • Internet
  • Materials
  • Quants
  • Real estate
  • Renewables
  • Strategy
  • Technology
  • Telecom and media
  • Utilities

Differentiated by quality

Our clients benefit from our direct knowledge of major economies. We have offices and analysts delivering expertise on the ground in all of the world’s major financial markets.

Our research seeks to answer big questions and find themes that transcend markets. We are collaborative and encourage information sharing across sectors and countries.

We think differently and are drivers of new ideas across industries and around the globe.

Our research centres around a simple framework that independently measures two distinct characteristics of quality: intellectual property and commerciality.

Intellectual property measures the proprietary nature of our research — creative, collaborative, inspired and original analyses receive top scores.

Commerciality measures our conviction in our investment recommendations — we focus on compelling, actionable and impactful ideas that can make a difference.


At a glance

Connecting clients with opportunity

In addition to publishing reports on myriad opportunities and providing direct access to business leaders, we work closely with our clients to assure that we add the value you need. Here are some of our flagship events, which draw attendance from global institutional investors:

The Macquarie Australia Conference

Bringing together companies and institutional investors

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Greater China Conference 2017

Bringing together companies and institutional investors to explore China’s approach to fostering innovation 

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1. 2015 Macquarie analysis based on amount of research coverage.